Wednesday, January 12, 2005

my first post

so i've always been kind of against blogs. i thought they were a stupid fad. but like many other fads, i have succumbed. and suddenly, like leg warmers, they seem like a good idea.

so i've been reading some blogs, and while i don't think my life is really exciting enough to talk about in such a forum as the worldwide web, i figured it'd be a good writing exercise for me, and a good place to put my frustrations.

you see, i don't own a computer. i only have one at work. thus, most of my emails and online posts have an underlying anger to them. i am a receptionist after all.

but i am working toward being a comic here in New York. and i figure having this day job just provides me with bucketloads of material (notice i didn't say money...) and i got to work it out somewhere.

so working in the corporate world of New York City, I've pretty much mastered the art of the jaded, sarcastic, self-important receptionist. while i am at work, i hate the world and am aghast and appalled and their behavior. but i'm just as much of a bitch as the rest of them, and i do get a paycheck every once in a while so i figure all is fair in love, war, and the office. well, not really. some of our clients are truly evil. mostly rich. much like the rulers of our country. ah, but i digress...

hold on. cute salesman just walked in...

mmm. boys. delicious.
speaking of which, i am presently dating one of the most interesting men I have ever met in my life. he's pretty amazing. he's smart, cute, an inspiration to me, and barring further investigation, he seems to like me. in the future, i will tell you a myriad things in this world that i hate but this boy is not one of them. no sir.

so that's about it. i figure i'll pop on every once in a while to tell about an adventure, to try out a joke, or just to bitch. but i hope this blog things turns out to be worth it. nothing ventured nothing gained i guess.


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