Friday, January 14, 2005

how about that monsoon?

so there was really no reason to do my hair this morning. or to have taken the good umbrella. all moot. my hair is all messed up and frizzy and the good umbrella is kind of broken. and by kind of i mean totally. totally broken. and i stole it from my roommate. man, she's going to kill me. but at least she won't feel bad when she breaks mine.

yeah, so weather is my absolute FAVORITE topic.

or not.

i hate talking about the weather. its the most insulting smalltalk ever. i mean, you can't come up with anything else to say?! its like when you tell someone a joke and instead of laughing they say "that's funny." no its not funny. because if it was funny, you would have laughed. seriously.


Blogger Jefferson said...

That's funny.

6:17 PM  

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