Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ode to New York City

What is it about New York that keeps me coming back?
The magic in the cobblestone, the history of revolution,
the center of creation.
the adventure in every unfamiliar face, the opportunity,
the PULSE.

I can feel the energy deep inside of me
I need to reach its conclusion.
I need to learn its lesson.
New York has a crazy, sordid story for everyone to tell.
It placed me in the center
so I could study with the strong, the dedicated, the pure of artstar heart;
And this metropolis had provided for me
myriad adventures,
strange twists and turns,
and the greatest glorification of regular life any egomaniac (like me) could ask for.

Because everybody loves New York
reveres New York
fears New York
And those of us brave enough to try this kind of
bald, intense, high stakes existence
are rewarded with the title of New Yorker.

So, to New York, I give my thanks
for beating me into the ground and forcing me to be the adult
that sees not tragedy but epics stories to tell.


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