Monday, January 24, 2005

is this really happening?

ok so i am so happy. more happy than i have ever been.
and it is because of this boy. despite all of the tough things about him, all of the time i spend waiting for him, hoping he's okay - he is so worth it. he is just the most amazing, talented, inspiring individual i have ever met.
i saw him on saturday and we spent a low key evening hanging out in his apartment during the blizzard. and we discussed the movies I had just seen (I has just watched Harry Potter 3 which i got from Netflix, and on Friday night, i saw Life Aquatic) and he told me all about the Marx brothers and then showed me one of their movies, Animal Crackers. he's so great. he says if i'm going to be a comedian, then i should know the history of comedy and he's taken it upon himself to teach me. he is, after all, the most qualified for the job - he is an acting teacher.
i just love being with him.
and i can't believe how lucky i am to have found him. i am smitten out of my mind. i have never been like this. its friggin GREAT. its crazy - this is love, isn't it?


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