Tuesday, June 28, 2005

my show

so i have working for some time on producing this show. its going to be really great. even if i am worried about it. i just want lots of people to come and have a good time. i want to perform well. but mostly, i want to make the bar guarantee so that i don't end up owing bowery an exorbitant amount of money after 4 hours of performing and working so hard to get this show promoted. i have a great poster (see, isn't it great?), an amazing lineup, and some really fun things planned for me to do. i think its going to be a GREAT time. i just hope people come. almost all of my friends in the city that i don't see on a regular basis have already emailed me that they can't come. so that sucks. not that i'm really going to be able to schmooze or anything. i mean i'm going to be a FREAK going from onstage to preparing for my next onstage moment. i need to work hard on the perfect order and flow so that it will go smoothly. i only have 2 or 3 things planned for me to perform so I might be able to relax a little. i need to write out my hosting too. its all paperwork really. i just need to get on it. i booked it, i got the space, i wrote the press release, i worked on the poster, i sent out the PR, and now i just have to be the true stage manager i am and make up a play by play for my tech help, misha. thankfully, i trust all of the people who work at the bowery to help me out. i even have matt as the manager that night so i know i am safe and lucky. but maybe i should get my own assistant for the evening...hmm...
anyway, if anyone who frequents my blog wants to come to the show, please PLEASE do. and drink heavily if you can. ha. as if i know anyone who wouldn't...


Blogger Tanya O'Debra said...

Hey, dude.

Have you been working with Alex and Stephanie from the Bowery? They'll help you out.


10:26 AM  

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