Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Christianity Republican-style

i just received an email forward from one of my aunts. in it was a picture of Jesus and the caption: "HE is the only one that can save this country from the liberals that want him removed from the government. Our great nation will not stand if we delete HIM from all aspects of our government as the atheists want." The email goes on to say that it is a test, that if we delete this email, we are not respecting God and what he wants.
Oh lord.
How is it okay to use God to drive politics? How does Jesus like it that you are standing up for him and telling people that he's going to abandon them if they don't respond to your politics? How does that make you a good Christian?
Our country was built by people who ran away from their country to escape religious persecution. They wanted to create a country that was built on the ideals of freedom and respect. But we have lost both of those if we choose to force "Christian" doctrine on everyone in this country.
Religion is about community and kindness and finding personal solace. Its not about forcing someone to "believe" that Jesus loves conservatives. I hope they know that.
What about all of the people who are Americans who are not Christian? or even those Christians (like myself for example) that don't subscribe to such conservative, closed-minded views? What will they do with them? Do they lose their say in everything? Will this become the Christian States of America? Because you know, I think Jesus is a great guy, a nice guy, who accepted everyone. But I just can't stay here if this us a country forcing religion down our throats. People fought for the separation of Church and State for a reason, you know. Have you learned nothing from history? hell, from the present religious wars that are wracking the world? Will we be next?


Anonymous TenneyLand said...

wait... God wants me to keep all my read emails? Or just the ones about him? This is getting so confusing.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am very proud to call checopa my friend. i am also very proud of the above blog message that she wrote. i would hope that i would be proud to call checopa my friend even if i wasnt proud of the above blog message that she wrote. it just so happens, that in this case, i am proud of both.

-Liz Dembrowsky

12:21 PM  
Blogger sarahfisch said...

Right on, Amy!!
Tell it, sister.
Jesus said knock 'em out.

4:05 PM  
Blogger Random Personae said...

Sheesh! God never sends me an email! Oh wait - he doesn't exist. That explains it.

11:15 AM  

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