Friday, April 01, 2005

why is it that we feel we have to be perfect all the time? why is it that everything around me tells me that if i try hard enough, that I, like many others, can have a perfect existence. but the truth is, life is fraught with pain and misery and loneliness right along with all the good stuff. but it happens all at once and i can't help but wonder why it is that we tell ourselves that this utopian existence is attainable and that this confusing, jumbled one we live in is not good. i like it. there is bad, sure, but there is so much good. and if i can only hope... but what am i hoping for? even the most amazing relationships have their ups and downs. they are just as crazy as life itself. what do i want to happen? and why is it that it never happens how i imagine it, but its good anyway. i love life and i hate life all at once. but it really bothers me when friggin commercials promise me perfection. nope. wierd shaped, bespectacled, vain and pretty me is going to be okay. i got issues, sure.


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