Thursday, March 24, 2005

is there anything that can be done?

ok, is it me or are we headed on a downward slope toward a totalitarian regime? don't these idiots in congress get that pretty soon, after they vote out all the rights of the people and dissolve the checks and balances, that they will be next? that pretty soon W and his evil minions will be letting each one of them go?
"sorry, fellas...budget cuts."
and what are we supposed to do? how do we make any change?
just when my life as it is was getting easier to handle and now i have to hear about social security reform and credit reform and pretty soon, i'm sure, constitutional reform, or perhaps removal?
and i'm just the kind of conspiracy theorist to think that actually, if all of this horrible crap is being covered by the media(that is in fact OWNED by them), only God and Cheney know what's REALLY happening...
Is there a nucular war on the horizon?
( yes i know i spelled it wrong but i'm pretty sure that now, according to the NEW constitution, that's how you spell it...SIGH)
have we invaded Syria yet? Iran? Korea?
let's make a short list - who haven't we pissed off?
has this administration helped anyone at all? oh i'm sorry i mean anyone who is not so rich that they have no need for a jihad because they're already surrounded by all the virgins a man could want.
(tangent: what's so great about a virgin? is there something extra sexy about a look of pain and confusion on a girl's face when you fuck her? you don't want her to know you're actually shit in bed? or do you subscribe to the tribal myth that fucking a virgin can actually clean you of all the dirty things you have crawling around in your nether regions?)
okay back to the next four years of death and destruction, otherwise known as the W administration: does anybody else think that our government is absolutely ridiculous right now?
what can be done? who do i write letters to? does it matter? how do we overthrow the dictator?


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