Wednesday, February 02, 2005

i hate nosy people

there's this one woman in my office and man, she is the nosiest person in the history of the world (ok i'm going to need to factcheck on that but whatever). she comes by the front desk and has to look at everything. this is my friggin desk, woman, get the hell away. she picks up everything and i just want to say, that's not yours. not that either. not that either. not that either. but she just looks around and asks questions about things. sometimes its the mail - what's this? she asks. how the hell should i know - i sort it, i don't READ it. seriously get back to your friggin desk and answer the goddamn phone when i'm transferring to you. for the love of god.


Anonymous La_Ruocco said...

What is it about kNOsy that chafes your ASS,exactly?

WE are all connected through my book Xero.

Even those of you who have yet to read it!

You are welcome to email me if you
are interested in one of my shirts.

The only thing I ask is that you send me a picture of you wearing it!

Thanks, "Laroque"

8:22 PM  

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