Thursday, July 07, 2005


so i'm pretty sure i'm a crazy person. i was totally insane yesterday. (eloquent but insane) this has much to do with my constant rejection from the y-chromes but also, i believe, to do with the mounting stress from everything going on right now with me as well as (lest we forget) the myriad hormones pulsing through my body. first of all, anyone considering this new seasonale BC in which you only get 4 periods a year, well, i should warn you: instead of bleeding, you get lots and lots of hormones pumped into your system. now, it is true that these lovely hormones are the ones that a) keep you from bleeding, and b) keep them babies away but they also transform me into a supervillian. and this supervillian attacks just me and my hard-earned confidence. because the only person that can convince me i suck is me. and i do a DAMN good job of it. awesome.
i also have family in town, a show to successfully produce (which i should seriously stop worrying about because i could go onstage and say "blah blah blah" and it'd go well), a my roommate is moving out. all in one week. this stress, coupled with my overactive supervillian hormones and yet another rejection from the mens and yes, i am a basket case.
but i'm pretty. and that's all that matters.


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