Sunday, June 18, 2006

so much different lots the same

wow it has been quite a while since the last time that i wrote here in my lovely little blog. i would like to pretend that i was busy with some amazing new art project. (which i guess i was but...) in reality, another amazing thing happened: i got a new job. i now work at a hotel in midtown (from which i am surreptitiously blogging right now). it is my dream job. so great. lots of fun. good coworkers. good bosses. happiness all around. admittedly it is customer service and i do hate people, but you know, i'm starting to think i have that in common with all service professionals.

i am doing well. certainly alot better than last year (as i see by reading my past blogs). i've been writing more. in a cathartic way and in a creative way. and i've ben working on writing a song with leticia. its a crazy new murder mystery song akin to Pink Floyd's "Crazy" and Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." and Stefan's composing the music. its going to rock. in a weird avant-garde kind of way but rock nonetheless. i feel good about my creativity, like i might soon be able to figure out how to better access my purpose. i have realized my energy and how it affects people. now i have to figure out what to do with that.

my college roommate megan is in town and i've had the opportunity of having really good talks about art and life and everything with her. sometimes its so nice to be able to openly discuss things. and she has always been great with deep discussions. i've also reconnected with natalie who i lost touch with over a long crazy winter. a couple nights ago we sat up on her roof, looked at the sky and talked. it was good. i need that.

things are better. times are changing. all is balanced. and that is all i can ask for.


Blogger gil & cecile said...

Hi Amy,

I was actually looking for an old college friend named amy pacheco and was led to your blogsite,

Read your latest entry and must agree that it is nice to meet up old friends. Am trying to find old college friends as we are celebrating our 25th year.

Cheers from Manila,

4:19 AM  

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