Monday, July 10, 2006

mystic pizza

so i went to mystic connecticut this weekend. for shauna and aric's wedding party with their families. and while most of my life, i have been anti-CT, i really enjoyed it. the party was at shauna's family's christmas tree farm. it was so beautiful. there were roosters and ducks and sheep just wandering around. many artstars attended. the families were hysterical. and you should have SEEN the looks on these people's faces when The Dustballs performed. priceless. with the drinks flowing all day and the food like steamers and corn and roast pig (i saw it on the spit!) keeping us stuffed, it was ONE GREAT PARTY.
we stayed at the mystic marriott and spa. the bathroom had a jacuzzi bath which i enjoyed at 9am before any of my roommates got up. it had been an interesting evening and my fellow roadtrippers and i decided to use the sunday to sightsee in historic mystic. we found an adorable shop called whyevernot where i bought some incense and fell in love with this small town. i miss small towns. i miss nature. i miss the calming effect of oceans and lakes.
this trip has absolutely reinforced my need to move out of this city to a smaller, more rural place. i've been thinking about san fran for a long time but i'm afraid even that might be too fast. it was just such a nice change of pace hanging out in this small town. i need a vacation. and something calming in my life. SIGH.


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Yo Am', I'm just visiting over from Live Journal, Tom T. had a link to you. Those small rural places, fucking boooorrrrrriinnnng, I'm living in one now. Beautiful but no people. Or lots of people if you love incomprehensible townies in plumbing company t-shirts or late 40s barflies smoking Pall Malls. I'd kill to get back to New York.


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