Monday, December 25, 2006

a work in progress

Like the puzzle piece I never thought I'd find:
You are my surprise.
Getting what you asked for never seemed so perfect.

Like a door I've often seen but never opened:
You are my secret
whispered low for fear of losing you with too much sound.

Like understanding that develops over time:
You are my reward
the reason I have made it this far.


I dedicate my whole life to writing love poems for you,
to finding
just the right words
to express
how otherworldly I feel.
I will sing the journey of my love for you.


we are afraid
because we had gotten used to
life not going our way,
to feeling unsatisfied and wasted,
to disappointment.
and this
this is groundbreaking,
this melts our defenses
compelling us to defy our fear
and forget what came before
purely to maintain the bliss.

the shoe

I believe that the world exists in a state of perpetual balance.
In exchange for the good, there is bad.
So finding you again,
and convincing your wounded soul that it is safe to love me,
for this success, I expect the most catastrophic of repurcussions.